Friday, July 10, 2009

How to Change Application Pool identity of a WSS or MOSS Web Application:
I was getting highlighted message under Administration Task list. It says "Central Administration application pool account should be unique"

In details of It says that "Account of Central Administration is being used by some other web application...."

To resolve this I following following steps:
  • In SharePoint Central Administration Web site, click Operations.
  • Under Security Configuration, click Service accounts.
  • Click the radio button beside Web application pool.
  • Select Windows SharePoint Services Web Application.
  • Select the application pool where you want to change the identity, for example: Sharepoint - 80.
  • Make a note of the existing settings in case you need to unwind your changes.
  • Select the Configurable radio button
  • Provide the user name and password. It helps to be explicit here and use the domain\account format (e.g. mydomain\SPService). Also be sure to use a strong password. Click OK
  • To restart the application pool, either open IIS and recycle the application pool, or open a command prompt and type iisreset -noforce.
  • Open your SharePoint site in a browser to confirm that the change was successful.
  • This change will be automatically propagated to all web front-ends.

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